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Quick Information👉Age : 44 YearsProfession : Music Artists, Actor

Wallo, whose real name is Walbert Anthony Bell, is a remarkable individual known for his incredible journey from a 20-year prison sentence to becoming a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and influential figure in the world of hip-hop and entertainment. His story is one of resilience and transformation, inspiring countless individuals to overcome challenges and pursue their dreams. With a diverse career spanning music, podcasting, acting, and entrepreneurship, Wallo267’s life is both fascinating and inspiring. Let’s explore the accomplishments and impact of this extraordinary personality.

Wallo Net Worth


Wallace Peeples, widely known as “Wallo267,” is an American public speaker, entrepreneur, social influencer, activist, and marketer, most prominently recognized for his role as a motivational speaker. His journey to prominence is a truly remarkable one. After serving a lengthy 20-year prison sentence, Wallo267 emerged from incarceration and rapidly ascended to become a cultural sensation.

What distinguishes Wallo267 is his unique ability to connect with and inspire people worldwide through the creation of impactful and viral content. His content is centered on the idea of encouraging individuals to unlock their potential, step into their greatness, and unearth their life’s purpose. His transformation from a challenging past to becoming a source of motivation and empowerment for others is genuinely awe-inspiring.

Wallo267’s life story serves as a powerful testament to the transformative power of determination and resilience. By openly sharing his personal experiences and insights, he has had a profound impact on the lives of many, aiding them in overcoming obstacles and finding their own routes to success. His work in the domains of motivational speaking, entrepreneurship, and activism has left an indelible mark on those who follow his journey.

Through his diverse endeavors, Wallo267 has not only redefined his own life but has also become a symbol of hope and inspiration for numerous individuals in search of positive change and personal growth. His journey serves as a reminder that it’s never too late to transform one’s life and utilize one’s experiences as a source of inspiration and encouragement to others.

Personal Information

NameWallace Peeples
Nick NameWallo
Date of Birth21 June 1979
Age44 Years
Birth PlaceUnited States
Zodiac SignGemini
SchoolNot Known
CollegeNot Known
Education QualificationNot Known
HometownUnited States
HobbySinging, Acting, Trawling

Physical Appearance & More

Hight (Approx)In Feet : 5″ 11′
Weight (Approx)76 Kg
Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourBlack
Body Measurements (Approx)Chest : 44 Inches
Waist : 34 Inches
Biceps : 16 inches


FatherNot Known
MotherNot Known
BrotherNot Known




Wallo267, born as Walbert Anthony Bell, has led a diverse and inspiring career journey characterized by resilience, personal transformation, and the pursuit of growth. His path has taken him from an early involvement in the music industry to a remarkable transformation, emerging as a motivational speaker and entrepreneur.

Wallo267’s career kicked off with a deep passion for rap music. Raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he was captivated by the rhythmic beats and the storytelling essence of the genre. His love for rap music started at a young age, and he honed his talent as a budding artist.

In the early 2000s, Wallo267 took his initial steps into the world of music. He began crafting rap songs that mirrored his life experiences, ambitions, and the cultural influences around him. Music became his canvas for self-expression, allowing him to connect with listeners who resonated with his lyrics and style.

A pivotal moment in Wallo267’s career came in 2009 when he, along with his cousin Gillie Da King, founded their own record label. A record label plays a vital role in the music industry, facilitating music production, promotion, and distribution. This venture enabled them to support emerging artists, collaborate with talent, and contribute to the vibrant music scene.

Throughout his music career, Wallo267 released a series of mixtapes and singles. Mixtapes, in particular, became a medium for his creativity, featuring a collection of songs that often didn’t find a place on official album releases. Titles like “The Real Is Back,” “The Come Up,” and “The Motivation” served as vehicles for him to share his life experiences, convey messages, and engage with his audience.

However, Wallo267’s journey took a dramatic turn as he faced personal challenges and made poor choices, including involvement in criminal activities such as armed robberies. These actions led to a significant setback, a 20-year prison sentence, which confined him within the prison system.

Remarkably, prison became a turning point in Wallo267’s life. Instead of surrendering to despair, he chose to utilize his time behind bars for self-improvement and personal growth. He immersed himself in books, acquiring knowledge about business, entrepreneurship, and personal development. This period of reflection and education ignited a profound transformation.

In 2017, Wallo267 emerged from prison with renewed determination and a clear purpose to lead a life of positive impact. He aspired to share his journey of transformation, inspire others to overcome adversity, and encourage individuals to relentlessly pursue their dreams.

Transitioning from a career in music, Wallo267 became a motivational speaker and entrepreneur. His life story, marked by resilience and redemption, resonated with audiences worldwide. He harnessed his experiences to inspire, uplift, and motivate individuals to rise above their circumstances and strive for personal growth and success.

Today, Wallo267 stands as a symbol of hope and resilience, using his platform and voice to effect positive change in the lives of others. His career trajectory underscores the transformative power of determination, self-improvement, and the unwavering pursuit of one’s dreams, even in the face of significant challenges. His journey from adversity to empowerment continues to inspire countless individuals around the world.

Car Collection


Net Worth

Net Worth (2023)$5 Million
Net Worth in Indian Rupees4 Crore Rupees
Daily Income$2000
Monthly Income$60,000
Yearly Income$720,000
Income SourceMusic, Acting, YouTube & Businesses

Wallo, a prominent figure in the hip-hop and entertainment industry, is estimated to have a net worth of around $5 million. This financial success is a testament to his diverse career, which includes podcast hosting, music, entrepreneurship, acting, and personal branding. However, it’s important to note that net worth figures can fluctuate over time due to various factors, including income from various sources and market conditions. For the most up-to-date and accurate information on Wallo267’s net worth, it’s advisable to consult reliable financial sources or conduct an online search.

Some Lesser Known Facts About Wallo267

  • Inspirational Transformation: Wallo267’s life is a remarkable story of personal transformation and resilience. He transitioned from serving a 20-year prison sentence for armed robberies to becoming a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and influential figure.
  • Philadelphia Roots: He was born and raised in the vibrant city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a place renowned for its rich hip-hop culture.
  • Early Love for Rap Music: Wallo267 developed a deep passion for rap music from a young age. His affinity for the genre inspired him to create and release rap songs in the 2000s.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: In 2009, he co-founded a record label with his cousin Gillie Da King, aiming to support emerging artists within the music industry.
  • Diverse Career: Wallo267’s career is exceptionally diverse, encompassing roles as a podcast host, actor in movies and TV shows, and entrepreneur, in addition to his music career.
  • Motivational Speaker: Post his release from prison in 2017, he transitioned into a motivational speaker, sharing his life experiences and inspiring others to surmount challenges and chase their aspirations.
  • Podcast Host: Wallo267 is celebrated for hosting a popular podcast where he engages in discussions spanning various topics, including personal growth, entrepreneurship, and societal issues.
  • Building a Personal Brand: His personal brand is rooted in his life narrative, serving as a beacon of inspiration to many. He leverages his platform to promote positive change and personal development.
  • Championing Change: Wallo267 is an outspoken advocate for criminal justice reform. He consistently emphasizes the importance of providing opportunities for individuals with criminal backgrounds to reintegrate into society.
  • Positive Influence: Through his motivational speaking, podcasting, and other initiatives, Wallo267 has made a profoundly positive impact on the lives of numerous individuals, motivating them to overcome hurdles and pursue their own unique paths toward success.

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Who is Wallo?

Wallo, also known as Walbert Anthony Bell, is a multifaceted personality known for his journey from serving a 20-year prison sentence to becoming a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and influential figure in the hip-hop and entertainment industry. His life story of transformation and resilience has inspired many.

How old is wallo?

Wallo was born on 21 June 1979. As of the current date in 2023, he is 44 years old.

How much Wallo earn in a Month?

Wallo Earns $60000 in a Month.

why did wallo go to jail?

Wallo267 went to jail primarily because of his involvement in armed robberies. However, during his time in prison, he underwent personal growth and transformation, which eventually led him to become a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and influential figure in the hip-hop and entertainment world.

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